Apache Pier Reconstruction


The Apache Pier was one of many damaged by Hurricane Matthew. While most of the pier only saw minor damage, the end of the pier was completely destroyed in the hurricane. Now, six months later, most of the pier has been fixed, but construction to the tip of the pier is still in the preparation phase.

“I’ve probably got 60-70 feet that I can’t let the public on because the of the condition. It breaks a lot of people’s hearts because I do have fishing enthusiasts. They’re all chomping at the bit to get back on Apache Pier,” says Pier Manager, Captain Carsten Fischer.

Crews have been waiting to attain insurance, permits, and equipment to start rebuilding the end of the 1,200-foot pier. This past weekend, an 80-foot barge was brought in from the northeast to help rebuild the massive pier. Construction crews are also getting a little help from the original architect who helped design the pier in 1993.

“Bill Belemy was the engineer on the project in 1993. He was also the engineer who came out a few days after Matthew to see what was safe to see what we could let the public back on. Now he’s also a consultant in this current project.”

For the next phase of construction, crews will bring in dive teams to search the waters under the danged pier for any debris.

“They’re going to pick up the pieces they can see right now. They’re going to cut back the pier boards and repair any bracing that was damaged by Matthew. And then they’re going to sit down with the crew and their dive team and dive team will get in the water to see what’s left that’s not visible to the eye right now, “ says Fischer.

Right now there is no exact time frame when the entire pier will be re-open, but the Fischer says he’s hoping to have it finished by July.