VIDEO: ‘Witch’ grandmother gets 3 life sentences for abuse


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR/CNN) – It seemed like a normal home from the outside, but the darkness inside was pure hell. There were hysterical cries from a child for Geneva Robinson, dressed as “Nelda the Witch,” to stop.

“I won’t hit, grandma. I won’t be mean,” a child is heard in a video showing Robinson, in costume, looming overhead. Other children in the video scream, “Oh no! She might take the doggies!”

The law took notice in 2014, when Robinson took her granddaughter to a hospital claiming she couldn’t control the child.

But the abuse trail led back to Robinson. She pleaded guilty of felony child abuse. Her actions include burning her granddaughter with cigarettes, striking her, not letting her eat, cutting her, pulling on her with pliers and forcing her to sleep outside with the dogs. Prosecutor Merydith Easter said the children were defenseless.

“It’s our job to protect children,” Easter said. “Children can’t protect themselves.”

Robinson was sentenced to three life sentences behind bars. But she wasn’t alone. A man appears in the video, also. A child can be seen in the video clinging to the man, Joshua Granger. Granger was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the abuse.

“Anyone who sits back and watches it or helps someone else do that deserves to be there with them,” Easter said.

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