New beach club to replace Banditos on Ocean Boulevard, plans face hurdles


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The former location of Banditos restaurant on Ocean Boulevard will soon be the home of a new beach club.

On Thursday, plans for the upcoming club were up for a final review, and though it is still coming, those behind the project walked away with much more than they anticipated.

Larry Bragg, chairman of the Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board, said the future club is in a “perfect location.” That beach-front spot was about the only thing, however, the board liked the sound of.

“Forgive me for saying this – I’ve been doing this for a number of years so I think I can speak with some authority – it is not a good design,” Bragg said during the meeting.

Those representing the new beach club opened up with the term “tropical modernism,” showing pictures the board members were fans of. Still, as each member flipped through the pages, that was not what they saw.

“That is no wow factor,” Bragg said to the presenters.

Instead of a conceptual and final review, the board took a few steps back, only approving the overall footprint of the building. They couldn’t really touch on exactly what this “beach club” would be.

“I don’t know. I thought I would have gotten an idea today since it was up before us for a conceptual and final. Based on what I saw I haven’t a clue,” Bragg said after the meeting.

The original designs gave a taste of what the overall idea was for the club. Instead, the CAB asked for a complete overhaul.

“But I think, at the end of the day, we will have a much better design there that will take advantage of that wonderful park next door to it,” Bragg said. “And it will be a pleasure for the visitors and locals alike.”

The board wants to see the board complement the overall theme and direction the city is going for.

“It can complement it, it can have its own identity, but it’s not going to be a design that’s tired from the get-go,” Bragg said.

While the meeting didn’t go the way the presenters thought it would, the CAB wants to make sure Ocean Boulevard is something the community is proud of years down the road.

“It’s a very exciting future and I’m very pleased to be a part of it,” Bragg said. “I can drive down there and see we had a hand in it. It’s a thing of beauty.”

Now that the developer has been given the OK to tear down the former Banditos location, the community appearance board will need to see a new set of plans before any walls go up.

There is no word yet on when those new plans will be ready for review.

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