Public outcry prompts Kershaw County leaders to toss trash ordinance


A proposed law change on trash drew dozens of people to a meeting of the Kershaw County Council Tuesday.

The council was on the verge of passing the new ordinance. It would have allowed county officials to take action against property owners who leave debris, junk and other materials in their yards.

Many opponents of the ordinance said it was too broadly worded and it would have given too much power to county code enforcement. Supporters of the idea, however, say trash on properties has become a “public nuisance” around the county.

“We weren’t interested in businesses, we weren’t interested in anything else no farm land,” county councilman Al Bozard said. “It was mainly housed where you gonna live and your neighbor is living right beside you.”

Bozard was the first to introduce the ordinance. Jimmy Crissman of Camden organized opposition to the rule.

“You should be able to have whatever you want to on your property as long as it’s not harming your neighbor,” Crissman said. “We all pay taxes in this county, and we’re a working community but we all have a little junk in our yard and the government should not regulate junk.”

Members of the county council took no action on the trash ordinance Tuesday afternoon, essentially killing it.

Supporters say they will try again to get it passed.

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