Mommy Matters: Upstate moms talk benefits of free breastfeeding service through Well Nested


First time mom Ericka Roundtree said she first came to see certified lactation consultant Meredith Wentzel pretty early on after her son was born.

“He was two weeks old when we came for the first time. She was so helpful, she set my mind at ease. And we were good and we didn’t have any issues I was just being paranoid mommy,” said Roundtree.

Roundtree said what seemed to come natural at first got a little more difficult as her son Grayson grew.

“He ended up having an upper lip and a tongue tie that we got revised but we came here and talked to Meredith about again the next meeting,” said Roundtree.

It’s the same thing Casey Weeks-Guerin’s little boy Elliot suffered from too. She met Roundtree around the same time she was going through challenges when she also attended a free “Weight Check and Chat” at Well Nested.

“We have been coming here since to work with Meredith and also the weight check and chats where I have met wonderful other mommy friends,” said Weeks-Guerin.

One of the co-founders of Well Nested, Lyndsi Dreckman, said she’s happy to be able to offer this as a free service to Upstate moms.

“Sometimes moms don’t know where to turn and sometimes paying for these services isn’t possible for them… The moms can come in and they weigh their babies and then they feed their babies and then we weigh the babies again and we can see exactly how much is getting in and how much is coming out and from there we can kind of help them determine how they need to proceed,” said Dreckman.

Dreckman and fellow doula, Karla Costner founded Well Nested a little more than a year ago. She said the pair joined forces to address what they felt was a need in the Upstate birthing community.

“Provide mothers a place that they could come and get to know us and help them get through pregnancy and postpartum,” said Dreckman.

Well Nested helps mothers with a range of services including education classes like Hypnobabies, group meetings, postpartum doula support, birth doula support and lactation support.

“We really wanted to establish a relationship with these moms and help them build their own nest… we are the twigs in their nest,” said Dreckman.

Both Roundtree and Weeks-Guerin said they love the support they got and continue to find at Well Nested.

“Well nested kind of makes it really easy. You can just go to their website or talk to anyone who is here and they can just start listing off all the things that you might need or not know that you might need,” said Roundtree.

They said their time spent their helped them form a friendship between each other and other moms in the community.

“It’s fun to see other moms come and connect like that- and it’s good to show the mothers that are coming in with new baby’s that may be having struggles that, it’s not always a struggle it will get better,” said Guerin-Weeks.

The ‘Weight Check and Chats’ happen every other Tuesday at Well Nested. For more information on events and times check out their Facebook page.

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