VIDEO: Parents engage in fist fight while holding baby


OREM, UT (KTVX/CNN) – Two parents were arrested after a physical fight, during which police believe they were holding a young child.

Police say video of the shocking situation, which took place April 30, led to charges being filed against parents Britnie Haas and Elias Holt.

“You know, it was disturbing in the two minutes that it was being filmed,” Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez said.

In the video, an 11-month-old child is pulled in different directions by three adults engaging in a physical fight. The child’s head appears to be inches away from being punched.

Melina Ylinen, Holt’s aunt, tried to take the child before Haas began throwing punches, police say.

“I just wanted to remove the baby from the situation,” she said.

The woman says the fist fight happened in a hotel parking lot in Orem, UT, after her daughter’s 16th birthday party. She says Haas and Holt had been drinking.

“I was hit seven or eight times, and she tried to get her fingers in my eye sockets to pull my eyes out,” Ylinen said.

Even though a number of officers responded to the fight, police did not make an arrest until Friday morning.

Martinez says the department first consulted with the county attorney to make sure the case was strong enough to arrest the parents.

Haas is charged with misdemeanor domestic violence in the presence of a child, child abuse and assault. Holt is being held on a warrant.

The video will be used as evidence in the case, Martinez says, showing why police filed the charges.

The child was not injured in the fight and is now in the custody of a family member.

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