Proposed ordinance limiting golf carts, mopeds draws ire of Myrtle Beach business owners


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Limiting the number of mopeds and golf carts traveling around the city of Myrtle Beach is one of the latest proposals to combat erratic behavior and illegal activity along Ocean Boulevard.

The matter was taken up during Tuesday’s Myrtle Beach City Council workshop and meeting. Some council members said the problems are even worse with mopeds than golf carts.

“The time and effort that it takes our public resources to manage the 10 mopeds riding in a pack then that’s taking away from their ability to manage more important activities,” said Councilman Wayne Gray.

City Manager John Pedersen has proposed putting a moratorium on the expansion of existing moped and golf cart businesses – including the number of vehicles in their fleets – while also banning any new businesses from forming.

That will give the planning commission time to do a study on the industry.

“This ordinance is not meant to be a criticism of the folks that are in this business,” Pedersen said. “This is just because of the way that these are driven and the chaos that they’ve caused on Ocean Boulevard.”

Moped and golf cart rental business owners said this will hurt their businesses, even though they don’t cause the issues.

“What they do when they leave isn’t really our fault, but we’re being punished for it,” said moped rental business owner David Stone.

Additionally, the business owners said they educate renters and work to prevent illegal driving from happening in the first place.

“Every problem you’re mentioning, golf carts being driven incorrectly by people hanging off the back, mopeds driving in packs, mopeds driving in bicycle lanes, all of these things you’re addressing are not business operational problems,” Stone said at Tuesday’s meeting. “They are policing problems.”

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