Law enforcement amped up for Spring Harley Rally safety


MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – Local and state law enforcement agencies added to their number of officers on the streets this week for the Spring Harley Rally.

The Horry County Police Department has 56 additional officers on duty all the way through June, according to spokesperson Krystal Dotson.

Lt. Joey Crosby, with Myrtle Beach Police Department, and Cpl. Sonny Collins, with South Carolina Highway Patrol, say they also have additional staff on duty to help patrol during the bike rally.

Many bikers and locals alike say they’ve noticed an increase in law enforcement and they support it.

“It seems the police are patrolling a whole lot better than they have before. They’re doing a fine job regulating traffic, helping people cross, everything,” said Kenny Winstead, who added he hasn’t been down to Murrells Inlet for the rally since 2001.

Some locals are also volunteering to help park bikes and cars.

John Hayes is one of those volunteers, and he’s also taking it into his own hands to mind the safety of the bikers as well.

“As much foot traffic as moves around down here, it’s very easy sometimes for people to get hurt. We want to try to be as safe as possible and provide people with as much safety as possible,” said Hayes.

Collins said the agency has responded to 20 motorcycle-related crashes since May 12.

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