Consider This: Take time to honor our service members this Memorial Day


The preparation has been extensive and now we welcome bikers as they head to the Grand Strand for Bike Fest.

The traffic loop is laid out, law enforcement, emergency responders, city leaders have a plan in place to keep everyone safe, and each year adjustments are made so that things that didn’t work are corrected.

Consider This: We welcome with open arms visitors to the Grand Strand and rely on the money they spend to continue to boost our economy. We want everyone to have an incredible experience on their vacation and local businesses to benefit, however, it takes respect, patience, and tolerance on both sides to make it happen.

Memorial Day was created to remember the men and women who died while serving our country.

Let’s make sure we take this holiday weekend to honor those lives, be thankful for how their sacrifice impacted our lives and enjoy friends, family and this beautiful community we are so lucky to call home.

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