Kala Brown files lawsuit against Kohlhepp’s real estate company


Kala Brown has filed a lawsuit against Todd Kohlhepp & Associates, LLC, also known as TKA Real Estate.

The lawsuit, filed March of this year, said Kohlhepp was hired by the company after he was determined to be a competent fit for the position, “despite having full knowledge of Kohlhepp’s violent criminal history and conviction for kidnapping as well as his status as a registered sex offender.”

According to the lawsuit, Kohlhepp hired Brown to clean the homes being sold and managed by the company.

The lawsuit holds TKA Real Estate accountable for not only the hire of Kohlhepp despite knowledge of his violent criminal history, but also for Kohlhepp holding Kala Brown captive on his property for over two months while employed with the company.

Brown is suing TKA Real Estate for damages, physical and emotional injuries sustained while she was held captive on Kohlhepp’s property during his employment with the company.

Kohlhepp was sentenced to 7 consecutive life sentences with no possibility of parole after pleading guilty on May 26 to the murders of 7 people, including Charlie Carver – Brown’s boyfriend.

Read the full lawsuit here.

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