Tips for keeping children safe this summer


FLORENCE, SC (WMBF)- School is out and now summer fun is ahead, but as a parent there are things you can do to keep your kids out of the hospital while enjoying the warm weather.

McLeod Safe Kids said the number one cause of death for children ages one to four is drowning.

While kids are around the pool you should keep the three L’s in mind.

Lock, Look and Learn

Lock pool gates, stay vigilant and know where your kids are. Also, and make sure you children learn water safety.

“The biggest issues when it comes to water safety as June is water safety month…. Are when we see kids who are involved in accidental drowning or near drowning which can lead to lifelong issues, if they don’t end up with issues from that,” McLeod Safe Kids Coordinator Marla Blaker said.

Blaker added to remember to keep your kids hydrated. The general rule of thumb is for every ten minutes of active play children should take 20 gulps of water.

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