Georgetown drug operation ends with three arrests


GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) – Three people were arrested in connection with an investigation into drug distribution in Georgetown County.

According to a press release from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office, Antwuan Bryant, 32, Maurice Gerald, 47, and Camille Weaver, 30, were each charged.

Online records from the Georgetown County Detention Center state Bryant faces counts of manufacturing or distribution of ice, crank or crack cocaine; manufacturing narcotics; trafficking in ecstasy; giving false information to police; manufacturing or possessing schedule V drugs with the intent to distribute; sale or delivery of a pistol to certain unlawful persons; manufacturing, distributing, or possessing schedule I and schedule II drugs; being a habitual traffic offender; and driving under suspension.

He was released Saturday on a $97,350 bond.

Gerald was charged with possession of ecstasy and released Friday on a $3,000 bond.

Weaver was charged with manufacturing, distributing or possessing schedule I and schedule II drugs; manufacturing or possessing schedule IV drugs with intent to distribute; and disregarding a traffic signal. She was released Friday on a $28,262.50 bond.

According to the press release, agents began investigating after reports surfaced that Bryan was involved in drug activity in Williamsburg County. He was on a GPS monitoring anklet as a bond condition following an arrest for possession with intent to distribute crack in Horry County in July 2016, the release stated.

Bryant later moved to Carvers Bay Road in Georgetown County and was soon the subject of allegations regarding drug distribution at his home, according to the release.

On June 1, agents and deputies performed a traffic stop on Bryant and Gerald on Trinity Road in Georgetown.

Bryant allegedly gave a false name in order to avoid being charged with a suspended license, the release stated. He was arrested and placed in a deputy’s vehicle, at which time he allegedly started chewing a large ball of cocaine that was hidden in his mouth. The suspect claimed he was chewing candy.

Eventually, Bryant was taken to Tidelands Health, Georgetown Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted for treatment, according to the release. Police reportedly found a large amount of cash in his pocket, along with ecstasy and packing materials discovered in his trunk.

A search warrant was also executed at 10518 Carvers Bay Road, the release stated. Authorities allegedly recovered additional ecstasy, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, marijuana and over four grams of fentanyl powder, as well as a loaded pistol, drug records, packaging materials and money.

Weaver, who is reportedly Bryant’s girlfriend and the mother of his children, was arrested at the home.

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