Carolina Country Music Fest increasing sales for businesses


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Carolina Country Music Festival is having a positive impact on the surrounding businesses.

Two restaurants in particular – Peaches Corner and The Bowery – benefit from being just a short walk away from one of the entrances.

“They can come over here or any other business where they can get something quick and run back in,” said Robert Alston, manager of Peaches Corner. “They can get food, sodas and beer.”

Sally and Alan Torner, a mother and son who flew in from New York for CCMF, are big fans of Sharkey’s.

“We went there yesterday when we landed from New York and we are just walking around and looking at the little shops and wanted to revisit Bowery and get a cold drink and go see the fest,” said Torner.

The two agreed they aren’t going to bother with the long lines inside the festival either, saying outside businesses are cheaper.

The owners of both The Bowery and Peaches Corner also said after night one, when the final note was played, the businesses kept the party going and it got even more crowded.

“We get a lot of foot traffic in the morning and evening,” Alston said. “It boosts our sales and the entire economy.”

Victor Shamah has run The Bowery for the last 37 years and said CCMF weekend increases revenue as well, and noticed it the first night.

“It was at least five times more, if not more,” Shamah said. “Everything was better. The sales were better, the food sales were better, people made more money, the employees did good.”

He added The Bowery invited bands from all over to play during the day and night all weekend long to accommodate those people who aren’t going to CCMF, which also brings in more crowds.

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