Myrtle Beach Police Department working to combat crime following weekend shootings


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach Police Department is still investigating four shootings that happened over Father’s Day weekend, while also working to boost officer presence and prevent crime on Ocean Boulevard.

“Officers are working tirelessly. They’re working numerous hours,” Lt. Joey Crosby said. “They’re working long hours to make sure everybody is safe here and they’re going to continue to do so.”

Mayor John Rhodes and City Manager John Pedersen declined interviews Monday.

City staff met Monday morning to talk about the violence that happened over the weekend.

“City staff is meeting to determine as to what implementation of ideas can be done,” Crosby said. “Is there anything that we have not thought about that can be done?”

When the sounds of shots echoed through the streets after midnight Sunday along Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach police officers were already on their way to the area because officers had been watching the chaotic scene unfold on the city’s security camera system.

“In this particular case, we did have officers that were viewing the video cameras and were able to send a response prior to even the incident occurring,” Crosby said. “So we were being proactive in our response to that.”

The cameras were added in recent years to help fight crime.

“We’re utilizing all of the resources that we have, such as the city cameras, the officers that we have, the redistribution of personnel to Ocean Boulevard, and the use of overtime assignments,” Crosby said.

To increase police presence on Ocean Boulevard, outside agencies like the Horry County Sheriff’s Office are helping out.

Sheriff’s deputies helped out for several weekends in May leading up to Bikefest.

HCSO Sgt. Timmy Tyner said that assistance picked up again this past weekend and will last through Labor Day.

The HCSO will also have two deputies helping Myrtle Beach police officers overnight Friday and six deputies assisting overnight Saturday, Tyner said.

“We want to increase our visibility along Ocean Boulevard,” Crosby said. “While we welcome any and every person here in the city of Myrtle Beach and any residents here and we are certainly going to protect your constitutional and civil rights, this type of behavior and action will not be tolerated.”

MBPD officers are also working overtime to help.

“We work a lot of long hours and we know that we’re going to work a lot of long hours and when something like this happens, it frustrates us and it makes us angry, quite honestly, to have someone come into our city and commit an act such as this,” Crosby said.

MBPD also recently streamlined the system of turning in arrest reports to make the process faster for officers. The department is looking into doing even more.

“Are there other plans? Are there other resources that we have that we could utilize?” Crosby said. “That’s what we’re talking about as an organization.”

City leaders are looking toward other cities as well.

“How did they combat the problem? What resources are they utilizing?” Crosby said. “So to see if there are things that we can implement here within the city as well.”

Myrtle Beach City Council will have a special meeting on Ocean Boulevard safety and security Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the council chamber at Ted C. Collins Law Enforcement Center.

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