Camp is now in Session(s)


Myrtle Beach, SC (WMBF) – Ramon Sessions is never shy to talk about where he came from or to give back to the Myrtle Beach community. Ramon is a big supporter of the Boys and Girls club of the Grand Strand.

“That’s big, just because then you’re touching a lot of boys and girls. Not just the people in my community but even nationwide,” said Myrtle Beach native Ramon Sessions.

Ramon is hosting some kids from the club at his tenth annual basketball camp this week. Some of the campers don’t even believe he’s real.

“A lot of those kids think when they see us on TV that we’re not human. But I tell them everyday, at the end of the day. I tie my shoe, like they tie their shoe,” said Sessions.

It’s still hard for Ramon to believe that a kid from Myrtle Beach got drafted into the NBA yet alone has had a ten year career in the league.

“Even though I got drafted during the commercial, I was picked at 56 and it’s been an honor. Ten years later standing in the NBA, still playing as a 56th pick is kind of unheard of,” Ramon said.

Drafted out of the University of Nevada in Reno, one of Sessions’ biggest highlights of this camp is bringing campers from the Reno area to the beach for the first time this year. Whether the kids this week are from across the country, or across the street. Ramon just wants them to have a positive attitude in whatever they may do.

“No matter what it is. If it’s basketball or being a school teacher. Just wake up that morning knowing you’re gonna have a great day and the rest will take care of itself,” said Sessions.

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