Florence County Council making steps to build downtown parking garage


FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – As downtown Florence continues to grow, county officials are thinking of way ways to draw people in.

For the first time, the Florence County Council is proposing the building of a new parking garage.

After two years of discussion, Florence County Chairman Kent Caudle said it is time for a solution.

“If you’ve ever been to the parking lot at the county complex, it’s probably the worst one on the planet,” Caudle said. “I mean, it’s really hard to get in and out unless you have a little small car, but if you have a truck like I drive, it’s difficult.”

The project will cost between $10 and $12 million, according to Caudle.

It will be a four-level garage with one ground level and three levels up, and the foundation will allow for builders to add more.

Caudle said the council has already given the administrator proposals to give to engineers.

The upcoming judicial complex will add hundreds of new parking spots, but Caudle said it’s just not enough.

The high amount of traffic the county complex sees means it needs to be more accessible and convenient for people.

“They aren’t going for fun, they are going for licenses, property tax, things like paying bills,” Caudle said.

The parking garage will be built directly behind the county complex building near Dargan and Baroody streets to enter and exit on the east side of the complex. The spots will be larger than the current parking lot as well.

Caudle said a parking garage is a long-term solution and the timeline has not yet been decided.

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