‘I Will Survive’ singer Gloria Gaynor surprises teen who has survived tough times


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (CNN/WMBF) – A Wake County teen who listened to Gloria Gaynor’s disco-era hit “I Will Survive” to get through tough times got a big surprise from the singer herself at the Myrtle Beach International Airport on Monday.

Megan Faircloth finished at the top of her class at East Wake High after her family struggled with homelessness during some of her junior and senior years.

Faircloth says she would listen to Gloria Gaynor’s 1979 hit song – “I Will Survive” – to help her get through the tough times.

Megan persevered – becoming the valedictorian of her high school class – and she has been accepted to Stanford University.

Believe it or not — Megan’s story reached the world-famous singer herself. Gloria Gaynor worked with a news affiliate in Raleigh to meet her big fan, unknown to Megan.

On Monday, her family made the drive here to the Grand Strand, and then the singer surprised Megan as she came down the escalator, treating her to a special performance of the song that helped her get through some very hard days.

Gaynor said she was “just so amazed at the strength of character of this young lady, and then she said she used my song to help her, and I thought this is the purpose of my song.”

“Even if you’re in a bad situation. There’s always blue skies ahead,” Gaynor added. “Continue on the path that you’ve started on. Always hold onto your strengths, and your faith, and to anyone else – you have strength too.”

The singer presented Megan with a $2,000 scholarship from her “I Will Survive Foundation,” a platform for those overcoming challenges in life, and to embrace the lives they are living.

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