VIDEO: Cruiser rolls away from deputy


MIAMI COUNTY, OH (WHIO/CNN) – During a traffic stop by an Ohio sheriff’s deputy, the deputy’s cruiser began rolling away, and he had to chase after it.

A sheriff’s deputy in Miami County, OH, pulled a driver over on a routine traffic stop Saturday morning and approached the man’s vehicle.

As the deputy talked to the driver, the deputy’s cruiser began rolling backwards.

The deputy sprinted after the car, hopped into the moving vehicle and stopped it before it hit anyone or anything.

After driving the car back to the traffic stop, the deputy let out a sigh of relief.

“Never happened before, thank God,” said the deputy to the driver.

Sheriff Dave Duchak says the deputy left the cruiser in gear. He said in a statement the man is an asset to the department, and “the matter will be handled in a manner commensurate to the situation.”

“Although, as a professional office we strive for precision in such matters, I also recognize that human error may occur,” the statement read.

In the statement, Duchak also thanked local citizens for continuing to support the deputy.

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