Dog joins orchestra, audience goes wild


(RNN) – A Labrador retriever in Ephesus, Turkey, recently showed off its excellent taste in music and walked its way into internet super stardom.

In a video that has been viewed thousands of times on social media, a dog confidently strolls onto the performance space as the Vienna Chamber Orchestra powers through Mendelssohn’s “Italian” Symphony No. 4.

The crowd at the International Izmir Festival erupted in applause as the canine arrived. Conductor Ola Rudner acknowledged the dog, nodding to the audience and waving his baton as if nothing odd was happening. The musicians, visibly amused but somehow keeping up enough composure to continue the performance, played on – seemingly without a missed note.

Having found the music to its liking, the dog settled in beside the first violinist and took in a bit of entertainment on a lovely evening in a beautiful setting.

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