South Carolina man bitten by possibly rabid woodchuck


WALHALLA, S.C. (AP) – State authorities say a South Carolina man may have been exposed to rabies after getting too close to a fight between two woodchucks.

The Department of Health and Environmental Control told media outlets Thursday that the man was in Walhalla when he saw two woodchucks fighting with each other. One woodchuck scratched and bit the man.

One of the woodchucks was taken July 3 to DHEC’s laboratory for testing and was confirmed to have rabies. The other woodchuck wasn’t available for testing.

The victim was referred to a doctor. Further details of his condition haven’t been released.

DHEC spokeswoman says residents should always give wild and stray animals their space. Hundreds of South Carolinians undergo preventative treatment every year because of exposure to a rabid or suspected rabid animal.

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