Cockroaches in, around boarded up Cleveland home spreading into nearby houses


A video recorded by people living near an abandoned home on the corner of East 161st Street and Delray tell the story clearly, as roaches are seen crawling all over the outside walls and can be seen through windows inside.

One man with a camera shouted upon seeing it: “Oh my God, look inside the house. Oh (expletive). They all in this house, look in the window. (Expletive).”

The roaches are a little hard to see in the video, but there are certainly a lot of them. The problem is, they’re migrating.

A man on the video can be heard saying: “They keep moving now. They coming down the street. They going across the street.”

A neighbor nearby but not yet affected is worried.

“They were coming down the street, know what I’m saying? That’s my concern. I don’t want them in my house, know what I’m saying? They seem to be moving down to (a nearby resident’s) house,” the neighbor said.

Denise Robinson came to Cleveland 19 News reporter Paul Orlousky looking for answers.

“The problem is this abandoned home,” she said. “They boarded it up close to the Fourth of July and now every house is experiencing a problem with roaches. They’re inside, outside, all over.”

Delray is a well manicured street where people clearly keep up their property. When the owner of the abandoned home died, squatters moved in. They were arrested, the house was boarded up, but food and garbage was left inside and outside.

Hundreds of roaches and ants scattered repeatedly when bag after bag was lifted outside the home this week. Workers who boarded the home say it’s the same inside.

Delores Pottinger has never had roaches since moving in in 1958. Even exterminators tell her they can’t do much until the abandoned home is dealt with.

“They’re coming in, they’re truly coming in and they have invaded my home,” she said. “It’s horrible, it’s truly horrible and something needs to be done and it needs to be done now.”

Charlotte Ford from the City Health Department arrived while Cleveland 19’s cameras were there this week and said that because of the death of the owner a search warrant would be needed to enter the home.

“Oh my stars, yes, very much of a serious problem,” she said after seeing the video Cleveland 19 and nearby residents had reacted to.

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