Infant reunites with first responders who saved her life


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – On Saturday, a two month old baby reunited with the first responders responsible for saving her life. Members from Horry County Fire Station Eight helped revive two month old Melissa Hucks earlier this month.

“It was an emotional roller coaster but it was a pretty special moment,” said Captain Greg Rogers.

The team was called to the Land of Learning Daycare, where they found employees performing CPR on Melissa’s lifeless body.

“She was cyanotic, blue, pulseless, not breathing, she had been down for a while,” explained Matt Seid.

Two of the first responders stayed behind at the Daycare with worried workers. The others rushed to the hospital. while doing everything in their power to bring her back. Finally at the hospital, Melissa started breathing again.

“In a lot of environments we don’t want babies crying, planes, movie theaters, but in an environment like this it’s the best sound you can ask for,” said Seid.

“This child was clinically dead at the time when we last saw her,” said Kristin Hagger. “To get that news that she was in good shape is just incredible.”

The Horry County Fire Chief gave the group of responders a bravery coin for their quick actions. And Melissa’s family gave the group a wooden sign with Melissa’s face painted on the front, and the responders names underneath.

“It doesn’t matter how many times I tell them or how many things I give to hang on their wall there’s no amount of words that could ever show how grateful we are that she is here,” said Melissa’s mother, Angela Hucks.

Since that day, Melissa’s mother has noticed a change in the 2 month old.

“I say they breathed life into her because she is a completely different child. She eats better she smiles all the time,” said Hucks.

The 2 month old has severe acid reflux, but no other serious health issues. Melissa’s mother believes it is a miracle, because the baby didn’t breathe on her own for almost 15 minutes.

“For me it’s special because she’s here, she’s a part of my family and now all of these people are a part of our family whether they like it or not,” said Hucks.

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