Myrtle Beach police transform hallway into motivation gallery showing what it means to serve


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – From the moment Myrtle Beach police officers walk through the door, they are reminded of their journey.

“This is a very exciting day. This is a day that you get your badge. It’s the day that you work towards. It’s the day you are actually a police officer,” Myrtle Beach Police Capt. Joey Crosby said as he looked at a photo of officers swearing into service.

Directly across from that picture is a sense of family, meant to remind officers of those who came before them. They all wore the same badge.

“A lot of times you know, unfortunately, the community doesn’t get to see past the badge, past the uniform. And truly we are just a group of men and women who have a passion to serve,” Crosby said.

A hallway that was once bare brick walls and a few daily bulletins is now a reminder of that passion.

“And what we want them to see as they are walking down the hallway is to see our mission, to remind them as I go out today and enter into my field, this is what I want to achieve today,” Crosby said while looking at the department’s mission statement.

That new mission statement reads:

The men and women of the myrtle beach police department are committed to enhancing the quality of life through community partnerships and public safety, while preserving the peace and protecting the constitutional and civil rights of those we serve.

From the badge to the mission statement, to the patch Myrtle Beach officers wear, Crosby said they all mean something deeper. Together, the department came up with an acronym for the word “patch.” It now stands for Partnership, Accountability, Trust, Communication and Honor.

“Invest in the patch while you are at work. Let every decision that you make, every action that you make. Invest in that, own that decision, own that mistake, own that arrest. Own talking to that small child, own those partnerships,” Crosby said.

Crosby really highlighted the importance of the word “honor.”

“They love coming into work each and every day and serving this public. It’s not an easy job; there are days where they are frustrating. There are days where you question, ‘Am I making a difference?’ but the honor they feel knowing they are doing the best they can to serve this community is what makes wearing this patch so special,” Crosby said.

All of this is meant to make each and every officer realize that he or she is making a difference, one that shines through on the pictures on the wall.

“We are MBPD Strong. Together, as the team MBPD, we are a strong group of men and women who can truly make a difference and make it a better place,” Crosby said.

Walking out of the department, there’s one more message on the door and it’s hard to miss.

“We want them to go out and know that they are the finest there are to wear the badge, and this city should be proud to have them serving them because they are truly great at their craft and some of the finest men and women in law enforcement,” Crosby said.

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