Surfside Beach council votes to keep town administrator after special meeting


SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A Surfside Beach town administrator will keep their job, after a special town council meeting, held this morning. Four of the seven council members organized the meeting on Friday to discuss if Town Administrator Micki Fellner should be dismissed from her job for what some say is violating duties.

“There were three of us that didn’t know anything about the meeting until the public found out about it and that’s when we found out about it which was a disappointment,” said council member Julie Samples.

During the meeting, council members held an executive session to discuss the case. After 40 minutes, council returned, announcing a four to three vote to keep Fellner.

“She’s been doing such a phenomenal job,” said Samples, who voted to keep Fellner. “She has been intimately involved in the rebuild of our pier. She knows a lot and we rely on her significantly and we have a lot of difficult decision to make over the next few months about our pier, how we’re going to pay, and what it’s going to look like. We need her expertise and we need her knowledge.”

WMBF News asked why the town administrator’s job was in question.

“I’m led to believe this was about likes and dislikes. This whole show today was about personalities and not performance,” said Samples.

Other council members disagreed.

“Personality had nothing to do with this it was a business decision. Strictly business. My vote was no confidence,” said council member Randle Stevens..

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