Beach conditions expected to improve Tuesday on Tybee, Hilton Head


A tropical disturbance now 50 miles off the coast of South Carolina has created some rough waters over the past few days. However, Tuesday’s conditions are expected to be a little bit better.

The system produced gusty winds and heavy rain along the coast.

Shore Beach Services on Hilton Head Island said they were planning for the system to develop into Tropical Storm Irma, putting them in a similar situation as last year.

“You know if anything, we were thinking it may have been a little bit like Hermine was last year right around Labor Day, but it’s definitely been much calmer, big difference,” said Mike Wagner, Operations Manager, Shore Beach Services, Hilton Head Island.

If you are planning on heading to the beach Tuesday, expect a light drizzle and overcast.

On Tybee Island, Ocean Rescue asked beachgoers to stay out of the water Sunday and on Monday. The rip currents there are expected to improve Tuesday.

A double red flag advisory was in effect for the past two days because of increased winds and hazardous water conditions. Those who went into the water were asked to leave the beach by officials.

“When they do stuff like that, when they’re asked not to and they get in trouble and then we have to go in and save them, it puts the lifeguards at risk, puts themselves at risk. You have to look at the big picture. It’s a lot more, not just them, it’s a lot more people put in danger,” said Ashley Fields, Tybee Island Fire Chief.

The rip current risk is low for Tybee on Tuesday, while Hilton Head is at a moderate risk. Beachgoers are still asked to use extreme caution.

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