Upstate agencies keeping a close eye on Hurricane Irma


Irma’s path may be uncertain, but that’s not stopping people from keeping an eye on it, especially after Harvey hit Texas.

The American Red Cross is gearing up, and trucks are being packed with supplies, just in case.

“We could get lucky and it could go clear from the coast,” said Heather Kanipe. “But right now I think we need to think that it may not.”

She said it’s a tricky time – thousands of volunteers are in Texas helping Harvey victims. For those that aren’t, they’re on call for Irma.

“At that point we would put a call out to the volunteers to make sure they are ready to go at a moment’s notice,” Kanipe said.

For right now, she said it’s important to focus on being in the know and being prepared for the unexpected.

“I want people to call their friends and family now that are on the coast,” Kanipe said. “Let them know that they’ve got a place to stay with you if that’s possible. That way they can make plans and firm up their plans.”

She said there are also other things to consider that maybe aren’t so obvious – that includes having a list of medication and emergency contacts ready to go.

The Red Cross said being alert can make all the difference. Kanipe said that’s why it’s time for folks on the coast to make plans to keep themselves and their pets safe.

“I want everyone to have flashlights, extra phone chargers, batteries, water for a few days and maybe a little bit of cash stashed away in case you need to get a hotel room or an extra tank of gas in the spur of the moment,” Kanipe added.

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