Folly Beach bracing for Hurricane Irma


The City of Folly Beach is preparing for the effects of Hurricane Irma.

“With the projected wind, rain, high tides and storm surge from Jose or Irma off shore, expect some low level flooding, flooding on the immediate coast and some street flooding,” said Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin. “That’s what we want people to really be paying attention to.”

Beachgoers weren’t deterred by the oncoming storm Saturday.

Many were out on the beach taking pictures.

Goodwin just hopes they don’t venture into the water once the worst of the storm hits.

“The thing we would really, really caution people is you have rip currents, high surf…even surfers who think they’re not amateur get in trouble. So be very careful.”

Tides Hotel on Folly Beach was at about 50 percent occupancy as of Saturday afternoon.

One of the guests got a free room thanks to the generosity of a stranger.

“While cancelling her reservation, [she] wanted to donate her room to anyone that might’ve been an evacuated Floridian. Shortly after..we got a call from a Floridian wondering if we were open and so we matched her right up,” said Tides general manager Matt Zengerle. “A lot of great humanitarian acts we’re seeing out here every day on Folly Beach.”

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