CRAZY VIDEO: Driver slams into falling tree on GA highway


SPALDING COUNTY, G.A. – Video shot by a Georgia man has gone viral after his dash camera captured video of a driver crashing into a tree that fell directly in front of her.

Michael Head was driving along Highway 92 in Spalding, GA Monday afternoon in the rain and wind from Hurricane Irma.

A woman in a Lexus SUV can be seen in the video in front of him when a tree falls directly in front of her. She crashed into the tree less than three seconds later.

The vehicle smashes into the tree and the back of the vehicle flips into the air and crashes back to the ground.

Head can be seen in the video running up to the vehicle and checking on the woman. He said she was okay after the crash but was taken to the hospital to get checked out.

“It was close. I’m sure she’s going to be up all night sick to her stomach because of how close she was to not making it,” he said.

“I’m just glad she was not looking at her phone or changing the radio or something else,” he added. “It might have ended differently.”

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