South Strand begins cleanup after Irma strikes


PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WMBF) – Cleanup began Tuesday and will continue throughout the South Strand this week after Tropical Storm Irma impacted the Grand Strand on Monday.

The Pawleys Island Recycling Center was where dozens found themselves dropping off storm debris from Irma.

“We were pretty lucky at our place,” said Mitch Eanes of Pawleys Island. “We just had a few small limbs and brush blown down. Nothing too significant.

Most, like Eanes, were fortunate.

“It actually wasn’t too bad,” said Paul Patula of Pawleys Island.

Others, however, were not so lucky.

“The feeder bands were so strong,” said Richard Frehs, from Ohio. “It was just beating this house and it was shaking.”

Jennifer Frehs agreed.

“The screens started to blow out, and the roof started leaking,” Frehs said.

As Irma leaves, damage and debris are left its in wake. Still, morale is high when people compare the storm to last year’s Hurricane Matthew.

“A lot less debris and cleanup than Matthew,” said Patula. “For Matthew, we had a lot of cleanup, a lot of trees down, but this one wasn’t quite as bad.”

Recycling center officials said they received 164 truckloads of debris on Tuesday. For Hurricane Matthew, there was almost 300.

Richard Frehs was elated with the help his family received the next morning.

“The South Carolina Department of Transportation and the electric company were out here so quickly, it was amazing,” he said.

County offices and most facilities were closed Tuesday because staff members were needed in other areas. Wednesday morning, all of Georgetown County’s operations will be open.

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