Upstate pastor’s tweet goes viral after comments about ESPN’s Jemele Hill

EASLEY, SC (FOX Carolina) –

Some recent posts on Twitter are blowing up after ESPN Sportscaster Jemele Hill offended President Trump.

“Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists,” Hill’s tweet stated, prompting both outrage and support from internet dwellers.

Pastor Mark Burns is President Trump’s friend and he’s CEO and president of the NOW Network in Easley. He posted a video on Twitter about the controversy and his post went viral.

“It bothers me,” Burns said in the video.

He says Jemele Hill should be fired and he also made a comment about presidents.

“It doesn’t even matter if the president is racist or not,” Burns said.

FOX Carolina asked him to explain his comment.

“He can’t stop you, or I or any black person in this country or any person of color in the country from obtaining what we want to become or a desire to be,” Burns said.

He felt compelled to make the video after reading Hill’s tweet. You can watch his full video HERE.

Being called a White Supremacist when you’re NOT should be as offensive as being called a Ni***r when you’re NOT…

— Pastor Mark Burns (@pastormarkburns) September 14, 2017

“In our society today we are so – we are becoming more and more racially torn,” Burns said.

He says some people think of the phrase white supremacist as a racial slur.

“It should be as equally wrong for an individual to say that publicly. Like if they would have decided a black person is an N word,” Burns explained.

He says name-calling is wrong and some on Twitter agree with him. One Twitter user re-tweeted a tweet from President Trump when he called President Obama a racist. When Trump sent the original tweet, he was employed by NBC as the host of The Apprentice. The White House Press Secretary at the time did not call for him to be fired.

Recently, Trump sent a tweet which saying ESPN should apologize to him over Hill’s statement, and his press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, spoke on the controversy during a briefing.

“It’s a fireable offense for ESPN,” Huckabee Sanders said.

Burns says it’s time for the country to come together.

“The president is not our moral authority. I think it should come from other faith leaders who are bold and saying listen – we’re first children of God,” Burns said.

A FOX Carolina reporter asked Burns if he thought Trump is a racist.

“It’s very vexing and perplexing that we’re even still asking that question,” he said. “Of course the president is not racist.”

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