City gives residents a look from a ‘Myrtle Beach Point of View’


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Officials are giving visitors and residents a look at the city from a “Myrtle Beach” point of view through it’s new blog created just last week.

The city’s public information office came out with the blog to complement its growing presence on social media. Spokesperson Mark Kruea said this blog will be a way to tie up any loose ends and present the “bigger picture” of some stories where only bits and pieces of information have separately come out over a period of time.

Kruea said the blog is a place where longer stories will be featured. An in-depth, more full circle feel will be presented online.

City council member Mary Jeffcoat compared the blog to Facebook, saying you’re only able to post short clips, pictures and status updates on the social media site. This blog will complement the city’s already established Facebook page and allow the city to write more about different topics.

“It’s simply another way to communicate, we do Facebook, we do websites, we do weekly emails on things, broadcast council meetings live. This gives us a chance to say, ‘Here is the full information, here is the full story if you’re interested,’” said Kruea.

Jeffcoat said because the city is so big, with so many departments and so many things going on in the city, there is so much information to keep up with.

“It’s a way for people to dig deeper into a topic perhaps that they’ve seen in traditional media, or a way to, if they see some things on social media or on non-conventional news outlets, say, ‘That really seems strange.’ Well you can go to Myrtle Beach Point of View and at least see the facts that the city is pointing out,” said Jeffcoat.

Jeffcoat said this new blog will enhance what the city is already doing.

You can view the blog here: http://www,

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