Lowcountry woman attempting to get in touch with son in Puerto Rico


A Lowcountry woman says she has been unable to get in touch with her son who remained in Puerto Rico with the Army as Hurricane Maria passed through the country.

Jan Elliott says she’s worried about her son, Capt. Christopher Brunner, a Lowcountry native and Citadel graduate.

The family has been unable to get in touch with him for the past two days.

We talked to Elliott about her efforts to learn about her son’s safety.

“Last thing he said,’ I’m an Army man. But I’m scared for myself,'” she said.”And this storm directly hit Puerto Rico.”

Elliott’s son was able to get his family out of Puerto Rico ahead of the storm. But she says it was a tough goodbye.

“My daughter-in-law says that was the hardest thing,” Elliott said.

Since then, Elliott hasn’t heard from her son. She’s dialed every number she can find, called on Congress, and tweeted at President Trump.

“My daughter did say she got a message from the Coast Guard,” Elliott said.”They say it’s dangerous there but they have no idea. There’s all of this damage. Until you hear their voices you just won’t be able to relax.”

If you have a loved in Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration in Washington, D.C. suggests you call their hotline at 202-778-0710.

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