Hurricane Maria causes effects on Lowcountry beaches


Hurricane Maria is having an effect on weather at some Lowcountry beaches.

As Hurricane Maria moves closer and closer to the U.S., Charleston’s ocean waters are already feeling some effects.

Hurricane Maria is already causing some rough surfing conditions at Lowcountry beaches, but that’s not stopping surfers from catching some waves.

The National Weather Service is suggesting people stay out of the water because of just how dangerous rip currents have become.

The National Weather Service has issued a warning that dangerous rip currents pose a high risk to swimmers. That warning stretches all the way from Isle of Palms down past Hilton Head. The high risk rip current warning will be in effect until Sunday evening.

The National Weather Service says a high-risk rip current could be life-threatening.

On Sunday, the rip current risk is high. That means no one should enter the surf due to widespread, life-threatening rip currents.

Surfers and swimmers in the Lowcountry say the weather and waves are just too good to pass up.

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