Bump stocks: Local gun store owner explains what they are and how they work


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The device that was attached to Stephen Paddock’s weapon when he took the lives of at least 58 people – a bump stock- has been in the spotlight since the shooting took place.

Bump stocks attach onto semi-automatic weapons and allow the gun to fire at the rate of a fully automatic weapon.

Fully automatic weapons are regulated in the United States and you have to get a National Firearms tax stamp to own one, which requires the potential owner to go through a second background check. Additionally, each weapon you purchase must have a tax stamp on it.

Robert Battista, owner of the 707 Gun Shop, said bump stocks are usually gun specific but made for semi-automatic weapons.

Using a bump stock lowers your accuracy rate while fully automatic weapons are more precise, according to Battista.

“It’s also expensive. You expend a lot of ammunition and its expensive. It’s expensive to shoot a bump stock because by pulling the trigger one at a time, you would go through a box of bullets in maybe two or three minutes. A bump stock empties it in about a minute,” Battista said.

Without a bump stock, Battista said when you pull the trigger, the bolt goes back, throws out the empty casing and picks up a new bullet, loads it into the gun and then you have to pull the trigger again.

“What you do with a bump fire is you have to is push with one hand and pull with the other hand and what it does is it makes the gun rock in your hand so it basically does the motions for you and it makes you pull the trigger by the recoil of the weapon,” Battista stated. “In my opinion, you can’t be accurate because you’re more concerned with pushing and pulling than actually aiming the firearm.”

Bump stocks are legal all throughout the United States.

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