Police continue to investigate Conway shooting that prompted a CCU lockdown


CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – An “all clear” has been given after officials with Coastal Carolina University issued a “shelter in place” order Friday afternoon.

The order was placed on the campus’ social media channels shortly before 4 p.m. Everyone was told to shelter in place until further notice.

Conway Police Capt. Tammy Carter said there was an incident near Bayside Avenue in which a person was shot. While someone was driving the victim to the hospital, they stopped on the back side of campus for reasons unknown, she added.

According to Carter, the driver of the vehicle then left the shooting victim in the car. EMS has since taken that person to the hospital.

A WMBF News crew on campus captured video of police taking a man into custody. At this time, it is unknown if that person is connected to the reported shooting.

The scene of the shooting was near the corner of Leonard and Live Oak Street. The victim being found inside a car left along S.C. 544 near CCU lead to school officials putting the campus on lockdown.

“It was probably the most kind of frustrating and scariest 20 minutes of my life,” said Ian Brooking, a student at CCU.

Meanwhile back at the Conway home, crime tape surrounded the front yard as police investigated with guns drawn as they entered the house only to find no one there.

“My son came in the house and he said, ‘Mom, shots are being fired,’ and I said, ‘Baby, just stay here,’ and I just began to look out the window,” said one neighbor resident who did not give her name.

She said she’ll think twice about her kids playing outside.

“My kids are going to be in the house,” said the woman. “It’s really a possible problem because the bus stop is right there.”

Incident on campus is now contained. LEOs on scene. All Clear. Resume normal operations.

— Coastal Carolina U. (@CCUChanticleers) October 13, 2017

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