Group that helps find missing persons visits family in Andrews


Right off of a small street in Andrews, a family reunion was taking place Saturday afternoon.

But this gathering was more focused on remembering than reuniting.

“I’ll never forget her,” said Gail Soles, the mother of Crystal Soles. “She was my baby.”

Crystal went missing about 13 years ago on her way home from a party.

“It’s hard,” said Gail. “A day don’t go by that we don’t think about her. And worry about her. Where is she at? What happened?”

Those are questions Gail is tired of asking.

“We’d like to bring her home,” said Gail.

And on Saturday, a group visited the family to remind them people are still working on finding Crystal.

“We grow families into our family and we care a lot about them,” said Monica Caison, the founder of the Cue Center for Missing Persons.

The Cue Center is a group that works to find people who have gone missing. The group is in the middle of a national road trip, visiting the families of missing people across the country.

“Kind of reminding people that we’re still searching, we’re still needing answers, and these families need a resolution,” said Caison.

That’s a resolution Gail is also focused on finding.

“I hope somebody would come forward and tell me where Crystal’s at and what happened,” said Gail. “I’d really like to bring her home.”

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