Residents will vote on District 56 State House Representative on Tuesday


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Voters will hit the polls on Tuesday to decide the Republican State House Representative for District 56.

Tim McGinnis, Adam Miller, and Dwyer Scott are fighting to take the place of Republican Mike Ryhal, who resigned in August.

Tim McGinnis is the owner of the Famous Toastery in Carolina Forest, Dwyer Scott is a chiropractor and businesses owner and Adam Miller is a college student from Longs. The three candidates have different stands on many of the issues. Something they all agreed on was adding law enforcement officers to the Carolina Forest area. The three disagreed when it comes to Carolina Forest becoming it’s own city.

“I am personally for it. I think if given the opportunity, the people of Carolina Forest should, and I think if given the opportunity to decide through a medium of referendum, I think they would break away,” said Adam Miller.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea right now because I don’t think we have enough industry that could make it work. If we had more industry that was picking up a bulk of the taxes, it could work. But with it going on the backs of residents and they would be looking at big increases, and people don’t move here because they want to pay more taxes. They come here to pay less,” said McGinnis.

“Definitely not the time for Carolina Forest to become its own city at all. It would be expensive and also there are problems that need to be corrected, issues that need to be handled before we can get an accurate understanding of whether we should or shouldn’t. So no, at this point in time, we should not consider incorporating,” said Scott.

The candidates had different views about raising minimum wage.

“I am against raising minimum wage. I own a business. I know if we offered to pay someone $7.25 we wouldn’t get them. The market has already dictated that no one is going to get minimum wage around here. They get paid more and more based on their experience. I don’t think the government needs to come in and tell businesses what they need to pay people. No one in my restaurant gets minimum wage because they wouldn’t stay here very long because the competition is so fierce they would find a job making better money somewhere else,” said McGinnis.

“I’m against that and one of the things I want to look at if I’m elected is ways the states can better fund technical colleges and universities so we have more professional citizens in the county and across the state,” said Miller.

“I’m in favor of increasing minimum wage that way we can keep a lot of the great students from the great education programs that we have around here. That’s one of the reasons we’re losing them all because wage is so low,” said Scott.

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