Conway PD considering cameras that photograph license plates


CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The Conway Police Department is in the process of doing research as they consider installing cameras that take a picture of license plates and vehicles in some spots of the city, according to Chief Reggie Gosnell.

The plan is not in any way concrete yet, however, Gosnell said the department is researching technology that would take a picture of the license plate and vehicle and make notifications. This will notify the department of any vehicles in the area that might be wanted if the car is stolen or it has a suspended tag.

According to Gosnell, the department is considering installing cameras in locations such as Highway 501, Highway 378 and the intersection of 4th Avenue and Highway 905.

“Those are the two river crosses in Conway, so they’re really two collection points that would really focus on a good number of the cars that are coming through Conway,” said Gosnell.

The department is still currently doing research on vendors and how many cameras they would need as of right now.

According to Gosnell, each vendor has different products with different features, so the department is trying to decide which type would help the department be more effective and help keep the community more secure.

Gosnell said the Conway Police Department has requested – and been looking – at some data that they received from the Myrtle Beach Police Department because it is the same type of technology implemented in Myrtle Beach.

“It would just be more situational awareness for the officers and set a good investigative tool if we have officers in the area when we get an alert for one of the cars,” he said, “It would certainly expedite an investigation that may have taken place at the start of the county or anywhere in the state. We see it as just being a good tool.”

The department is hoping to do more research in the coming weeks and gather more information to make more recommendations to city council. Gosnell said the police department hopes to have a better idea of where council would like the police department to go with the project by January 1.

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