Myrtle Beach boy gets to meet real-life inspirations for his Halloween costume


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – One young man who is dressing as a police officer for Halloween got to meet some of the men in Myrtle Beach who wear the real outfit every day.

According to a Facebook post local woman Tina Carter shared to the Myrtle Beach Police Department’s page, her grandson, Joey Carter, is obsessed with his Halloween costume.

To give Joey an early “treat” before trick-or-treating officially begins Tuesday night, a call was made to an officer with the MBPD, asking if he could show the boy his motorcycle and take a picture.

The officer told Joey’s grandparents to bring him to the department’s location in The Market Common on Tuesday night, according to Tina Carter. The child actually got to meet with three Myrtle Beach officers.

“You have no idea what this small gesture meant to us and his parents,” Tina Carter’s post stated.

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