Midlands family says after 25 days, they finally have clear water in their home


A Midlands family says for the first time in 25 days they finally have clear water coming out of the faucets into their home.

WIS first told you about the brown smelly water in the Stonegate neighborhood in Irmo late last week. The Powell family, who lives in the neighborhood, are glad to see clear water coming into their home for the first time in nearly a month, however, they say they still will not use it. They also say they don’t think the water will stay clear for long.

Residents in the neighborhood, including the Powells, say it’s been a problem for decades and nothing is ever done by their utility company Carolina Water Service to fix the problem.

On Friday, the company told WIS that they are aggressively flushing the lines and trying to find a permanent solution for the folks living in Stonegate.

But residents such as the Powells say they are fed up and don’t believe it – especially when the water company itself won’t even drink the water they are telling their customers to drink.

“The water company came out here, one of the techs, and I said, ‘Alright, take your utilities hat off. Would you drink this water?’ And he said blatantly to my face, ‘No,’” Adam Powell said. “So you have a water company who gives you a service but they refuse to even try to sample the service themself. So, I feel like a third class citizen on the Titanic ship right now. I’m just like, ‘We will give you this service but we don’t want to take part in it.’”

Dozens of neighbors also say the water service keeps going up in price as well. Some say they spend more than $80 a month for water that they don’t even trust.

Carolina Water Service said last week that the water is safe to drink and that they are trying to eliminate the well water system altogether.

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