Myrtle Beach mayoral candidate calls for mayor’s resignation


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A Myrtle Beach mayoral candidate is calling for the current mayor to resign.

In a news release late Sunday, Ed Carey “expressed profound embarrassment” over comments Mayor John Rhodes made concerning the Father’s Day shooting on Ocean Boulevard earlier this year.

The letter claims that during a debate Wednesday, Mayor Rhodes verbally attacked the man who streamed the shooting on Facebook live, a video that later went viral. Rhodes suggested Bubba Hinson was too busy taking the video that “he never did what his job called for him to do,” the letter states.

Carey also claims Mayor Rhodes “further exacerbated the issue” by telling another local news outlet Sunday, “glad they had no one in Las Vegas or New York City during 9/11 that was more interested in taking film than in rescuing lives,” according to Carey’s letter.

Carey argues Hinson deserves thanks and appreciation for recording the video in June, not criticism. “Between these statements, others expressing no confidence in voters and his shady Chinese dealings, it’s time for John to call it a career,” Carey said. “He is the face and voice of Myrtle Beach. He has already driven away thousands of valuable tourists and he’s had 12 years of fame and apparently fortune, but his recent comments and behavior have made the citizens of Myrtle Beach aware of a crisis in public safety … and leadership.”

Hinson, who shared his account of the shooting with Raycom Media in June, was in Myrtle Beach for a firefighter’s conference when the violence unfolded at Fifth Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard. In the interview, Hinson said he froze and just kept streaming from his hotel balcony when shots were fired. In the video, Hinson can be heard asking people to stay away from the area and instructing people to call 911.

The shooting in the heart of Myrtle Beach has been a catalyst for the push for more police in Myrtle Beach and a talking point ahead of the November 7th Mayoral Election.

Carey’s letter calling for resignation:

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