Bennettsville Intermediate School parents express concerns over alleged mold


BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) – Parents of children attend Bennettsville Intermediate School expressed their concerns with the conditions of the school at a focus group Monday evening. Parents believe there is mold in the school.

The Marlboro County School District hosted the focus group – their third and final focus group.

Parents say ever since the start of the school year, their kids have been sick more often than usual.

“My kids have been put on several different types of medications,” Lanita Benton-Lowe said.

Benton-Lowe says the sicknesses are a problem.

“My son here maybe every other day or twice a week at least, he’s getting sent home from school because he just can’t breathe,” she said. “He’s having headaches, nausea, vomiting or just sick to the stomach.”

She says since her kids are missing so much school, it’s hurting their education.

“If they’re being sent home every day, they can’t learn,” she said.

Brittany Stuckey had a child at Bennettsville Intermediate, but she had her transferred to a different school because her health problems got so bad.

The parents at the school said in the focus group they want to see the school torn down and rebuilt. Other parents want to see the school redesigned.

No decisions were made, but Dr. John Lane, acting Superintendent of the Marlboro County School District says he’ll take the concerns expressed at the focus groups to the school board for school board members to make a decision.

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