Looking into ACL injuries following Deshaun Watson’s injury


Former Clemson quarterback, Deshaun Watson is out for the year after tearing his ACL in practice Thursday. According to physical therapist with Premier Physical Therapy of the Upstate, Mark Murphy, it’s very important part of the body which is why it takes about an entire year to come back from.

“Anterior Cruciate Ligament, it connects the femur to the tibia,” explained Murphy, “It usually controls anterior and posterior motion. Controls a little bit of the side to side, but it’s usually controlling how well that tibia moves.”

Dr. Scott Watson is a sports medicine doctor with the Greenville Health System’s Blue Ridge Orthopedics. The group works closely with Clemson athletes, he says it’s a tough break for the former Tiger.

“He’s been through so much already. He’s worked back from multiple injuries and he’s had a great year,” explained Dr. Watson, “Now he’s got to go through this whole thing again. Hate it for him, he’s a great kid.”

Dr. Watson says in most cases, an athlete will do a few weeks of rehab to get the inflammation down and lessen pain before they undergo surgery. He says it can be tricky process to repair a torn ACL.

“It’s a dynamic structure that has multiple anatomic parts to it,” described Dr. Watson, “That all function in a different way and hard to recreate.”

Murphy says after surgery, that’s when the tedious work begins for a player to just get back to practice. Which is a week by week process depending how the patient heals.

“More neuromuscular control,” explained Murphy, “Getting muscles to activate again. Getting the right ones to work.”

Watson had numerous sports stars reach out through social media. Wishing him a fast recovery and stronger comeback.

According to Dr. Watson and Murphy, it all depends on how Deshaun Watson’s body heals. If there’s any positive news from this devastating injury, murphy says sometimes an athlete comes back stronger than before because of all the rehab.

Dr. Watson says about 75 percent of people make it back to their prior form.

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