High ranking republicans respond to political postcard


NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) — During this time of year voters are constantly receiving political flyers in the mail, most might just end up in a pile on your kitchen table.

A recent mail out for Bill Griste has some local lawmakers upset and speaking out.

Bill Griste is currently running for City Council in North Myrtle Beach and recently a postcard was mailed out stating, “Republican Leaders Agree Bill Griste is the best choice for City Council”.

Griste is shown with South Carolina Govenor Henry McMaster, Lt. Govenor Kevin Bryant and Congressman Tom Rice, with two endorsement statements from Cleo Steele and Gerri McDaniel.

Some feel the flyer is misleading.

“No it does not say endorsed by them, but the implications are here,” said Fred Coyne.

Representive Gregory Duckworth also commented on the political postcard.

He released this statement, “As a general rule, this type of deception in politics corrupts the entire system and I cannot condone it.”

Congressman Tom Rice, who was pictured on this postcard also released a statement.

“I have not endorsed anyone for city council and for this photo to suggest I have is simply misleading. This picture was taken at the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce when I was invited to speak to the members in my official capacity- as Representative for the 7th District. It is my pleasure to take pictures with all my constituents but they should not be misrepresented as an endorsement.”

Today we reached out to Griste about the concerns, giving us this statement.

“A postcard was mailed out with the endorsement of two prominent North Myrtle Beach Republican leaders, Gerri McDaniel and Cleo Steele. The postcard had quotes from those two Republican leaders endorsing my candidacy. I am a proud conservative and am honored to have their support. The postcard also including photos that were taken when I met with Congressman Rice, Governor McMaster, and Lt. Governor Bryant. No endorsement quotes from those officials were on the postcard. Nor was it written or implied that they had officially endorsed me. The question is not why those photos of me discussing important issues facing our community with key leaders were on the postcard, the question is why the incumbent has not met with these important leaders herself. I am proud to be a Republican, my opponent may not be.”

Voting begins on Tuesday, November 7th.

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