Simpsonville assault victim speaks out as a search for suspect continues


Tears were brought to Christy Diamond’s eyes as she watched her two kids together. She said Tuesday was a close call and for a second, she thought she could have lost them.

“That is the worst thing in the world right there,” Diamond said. “My daughter at 15 years-old had to jump in and save her momma and her brother. That’s just really heartbreaking.”

The single mother said she’s scared knowing her ex-boyfriend Travis Bryant is still on the run, wanted by Simpsonville Police and Greenville County deputies after the assault.

“When he gets in that mindset where he snaps, he could come back and hurt somebody again,” Diamond said.

The mother said she’s still bruised and sore, but it’s her daughter she’s worried about.

“It’s just unreal,” Diamond said. “It may look bad, but at least we are all alive.”

The single mom said they were in Simpsonville driving down the highway when Bryant started hitting her in the face repeatedly, yelling for her to take him home. The mother said she pulled into a Chick-fil-A desperately trying to get help.

“He came out the back seat of the van and shoved me down to the pavement and told me he would just take it,” Diamond recalled.

Her teenage daughter said she went around trying to get Bryant to stop pushing her mom, but the violence continued. She said Bryant then started striking her. That’s when she said adrenaline took over.

“While my mom was arguing with him, I was trying to get my baby brother out of the car seat,” Aleaha said.

Just as she grabbed her baby brother, she said Bryant put the van in reverse, running over her foot in the process.

“But she saved him, she is a hero,” Diamond said. “She saved her brother.”

The two said a deputy was in the drive thru and sped off after Bryant who had just stolen their car. Deputies said it wasn’t long before the suspect crashed into a pole, totalling their only way of getting around.

“We fought from not having anything and in May we finally got our own home and our own vehicle,” Diamond said. “We fought back from having nothing and now that’s been taken from us.”

The mother said they went to look at the totaled van and she said knowing her children could have been inside, is devastating.

“That my children could have been killed, that’s the worst thing right there,” Diamond said. “To know that he’s still on the run, it’s really scary.”

The family said there were irreplaceable items, two photo albums, in that van that are missing.

They, and authorities, are desperately asking for the community’s help to track this man down. Deputies said several warrants are out for Bryant, including two assault and battery warrants.

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