Groups call for peace during Summerville Christmas parade


The South Carolina Secessionist Party and the South Carolina Black Nationalist Movement came together outside of the Summerville Town Hall on Sunday to ask the community to refrain from violent protest during the Summerville Christmas parade.

“The last thing that we need right now in this city is violence in a parade here in Summerville where men, women and children will be at,” South Carolina Black Nationalist Moment member Shakem Amen Akhet said.

Akhet and James Bessenger, the Chairman of the South Carolina Secessionist Party, came together after seeing threatening posts on Facebook.

“One individual said they considered driving their car through the Flaggers when they passed through the parade,” Bessenger said. “One individual talked about throwing balloons with acid in them.”

Those threats came in response to parade organizers allowing a group called the Carolina Flaggers to march in the parade. The Carolina Flaggers are a southern heritage group that displays the Confederate flag.

“Emotions are flying everywhere,” said Akhet. “We don’t want people to bring foolishness at the parade.”

Though several violent threats have been made on Facebook, many residents are planning on protesting the parade peacefully.

“We plan on enjoying the parade until they come through,” Summerville resident Patricia Fisher said. “And when they do, we plan to turn our backs and become completely silent.”

Fisher is one of the people organizing the peaceful protests. She said she agrees with Akhet and Bessenger—any protesting that does happen should remain peaceful.

“We don’t want to make anything more disruptive than it would be, that’s why we want a silent protest.”

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