Deal Diva: Walmart app lets you earn cash back while shopping during the holidays


MYRTLE BEACH, SC ( WMBF) – If you are trying to save a dollar any way you, can this holiday there’s an app for that. The Walmart Savings Catcher app can help get back money and you could see better and more savings if used during the holidays.

April Johnston, a mother of two who lives in Myrtle Beach, said she has two growing boys, and she’s all for anything that helps feed her family and keeps her in budget.

“[I] try to budget because they can definitely eat,” laughed Johnston. She’s found a lot of relief in the Walmart Savings Catcher App. “You can actually go into the app and see how much you’ve redeemed.”

Since using the app over a year ago, Johnston says she’s seen over $50 go back into her wallet.

Johnston explained “I check out, I walk a couple feet, or a couple of steps, and before I leave I even leave the store I snap the receipt or I do it when I get to the car.”

Johnston says the app is easy to use. “You click services and then you click savings catcher, which has the little piggy bank, ” explained Johnston.

Once you finish your shopping you can scan the bar code on your receipt. The Savings Catcher app automatically compares the prices of the products you bought at Walmart to the sales prices found in competitors ads in your area, and if a lower advertised price is found, Walmart gives you back the difference.

“It gives you an idea of how much other things cost elsewhere,” stated Johnston.

Just this week, Walmart sent out an e-mail to Savings Catcher members announcing changes to the program; they stated it’s an effort to make the rewards program hassle- free. Starting February 1, 2018 rewards will automatically be transferred to a Savings Catcher e-gift card each time they’re earned. So there’s no need to manually redeem your rewards. The e-gift card will automatically be saved to your account for you. Walmart Pay will become the preferred way to spend your Savings Catchers rewards and you can spend your rewards.

Johnston says the changes will improve the shopping experience and use of the app. She says she’s tried other retail apps, but nothing came from it. She said with the Savings Catcher app she’s saved more while shopping during the holidays.

Johnston added, “I found that is when you save the most money usually around Thanksgiving and Christmas because that’s when a lot of grocery stores have a lot of stuff that go on sale.”

The Savings Catcher is part of the Walmart App, which can be downloaded for Android here, and for iPhone here.

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