Record holiday travel expected this year


The official Christmas holiday travel period kicks off Friday evening as millions of Americans will head to be with family and friends for the holiday.

Folks are wasting no time hitting the roads. A record 97.4 million Americans are expected to be traveling by car during the holiday period. AAA says that’s a few million more than last year.

There will be no holiday for the Georgia State Patrol and local law enforcement agencies, however. They already have extra patrols out on the roads in an effort to reduce crashes. This year has proven to be a better year when it comes to fatal wrecks. Law enforcers hope that trend continues through the holiday weekend. One family we spoke to just left tons of snow back at home.

“Everybody is polite and being very cautious. We just left 22 inches of snow, so this is heaven. We’re loving it,” said traveler, Sandy Long.

“I don’t know how it’s going to end up today or tonight. Just got to be alert all the time. I let my wife drive because she’s a better driver than I am. Ask her,” said traveler, John Nix.

Naturally, some travelers are more frustrated than others.

“Terrible. Horrible. Down below Savannah, I think, and I’m assuming it goes way north of here. It’s just been bumper to bumper,” said Bill Wilkinson.

“Going to head down to Florida tomorrow morning. I know it’s going to be busy so we’ll just take our time,” said Jerry Suhodolsky.

The travel period wraps up at midnight on Christmas Day. The director of the Government’s Office of Highway Safety is urging drivers to put down phones, wear seatbelts, and slow down. All of that will ensure a safe trip for you and your passengers.

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