Lawsuits against former HCPD detective could still proceed despite his death


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Former Horry County police detective Allen Large maintained his innocence up until his death from natural causes Wednesday night and said he looked forward to his day in court.

Large, who was fired from the Horry County Police Department in 2015, has been accused of misconduct in office and criminal sexual conduct.

His death means the six misconduct in office charges and five third-degree criminal sexual conduct charges he faced have been dismissed, according to the state attorney general’s office.

However, there’s a chance three lawsuits against Large could proceed, though some things will have to change.

Local criminal defense attorney Billy Monckton offered his take on what may happen.

“Well, I mean obviously the case is going to be dismissed from the criminal perspective, but the civil cases, they’ll still go forward,” Monckton said. “There won’t be some evidentiary items to obtain. I don’t know if Mr. Large gave a deposition in some of those civil cases with specifics. Just because he demised does not mean the civil cases will end.”

Attorney Rick O’Neil, who represented one of the women, identified as Jane Doe 5, in a lawsuit that did not name Large as a defendant and was ultimately settled, released a statement on his client’s behalf:

Upon hearing that Det. Large passed away, my client expressed a sense of relief and was hopeful that there might be closure in the matter for her and the other Jane Doe plaintiffs. She was not looking forward to the anxiety of possibly being called as a witness in any other related pending lawsuit(s). A video deposition had previously been taken of Det. Large. The trial lawyers will be able to utilize the video of Large’s testimony at trial as a substitute of his in-person appearance on the witness stand, so the ongoing remaining civil cases should not be affected.

A senior detective, Large worked for the Horry County Police Department from 1988 through July 31, 2015, when he was fired for sexual harassment, according to county records.

Large denies sexually assaulting anyone, though he has admitted to asking rape and domestic violence victims if they wanted to make money by participating in “catfighting,” bouts between scantily-clad or nude women that are recorded on video. K

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