Myrtle Beach City Council denies proposal to rezone portion of Osceola Street


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach City Council denied a proposal at Tuesday’s meeting that called for the rezoning of a portion of Osceola Street.

If the measure had passed, it would have cleared the way for commercial buildings at the corner of Mr. Joe White Avenue, including residential mini storage units.

The matter was set for a vote at the Jan. 9 city council meeting, but the governing body decided to hold off so the community would have more time to provide its input on the proposal.

Two neighborhood residents spoke out against the idea at the previous meeting.

“We are very sick and tired of people who do not live in our neighborhood, who are not from our neighborhood, who do not grow up in our neighborhood, telling our neighborhood what we should have,” resident Nicolette Hemingway said at the time. “We do not want commercial property in a residential area.”

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